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GAW-Inclusive Education, Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities- Panel Discussion

Supporting Adult Education Centers in Palestine

Our Staff in Jordan

Our Staff in Palestine


DVV international, as the only development partner focusing on ALE, suggests concepts on how ALE

can contribute to managing the crisis by offering social and educational services, especially to …

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At a meeting held at the regional headquarters of DVV International - Middle East included both DVV International Regional Director for the Middle East, Mr. Nazaret Nazaretyan and CEO of the…

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Amman, March 25 - DVV International and the Ministry of Social Development signed a cooperation agreement on Monday to build the institutional capacities of community development centers.


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On Wednesday, 13 February 2019, the Volkshochschulen (adult education centres) in Germany opened their centenary year with a festive ceremony in

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Adult Education and Social Change

The concept of “Adult Education” shows a colorful variety of meanings due to different cultures and societies. Specific approaches and methods should be adopted to develop a common understanding and facilitate learning.

In the spirit of Lifelong Learning, this publication stirs discussion that helps in enhancing the understanding of Adult Education and its potential for development, sharing experience, learning from good practice, building on existing resources and paving the way for joint action in creating viable Adult Education systems in the Middle East and beyond.

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