Sustainability Workshop for Adult Education Programs in the CBOs

Institute of International Cooperation of German Adult Education Association focus on implementing its programs and activities through cooperation with local partners, and since it began its work in the Middle East in 2009, and established its first office in Amman as an office of a regional in 2011, was able to hold a series of agreements cooperation and partnership.

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One of the biggest challenges that DVV International face along with other similar Institutions is the capability of the local partners on the sustainability of its programs, especially after the conclusion of partnerships. This requires us to enter deeply into the reality and the challenges of institutional sustainability, and what is the role of the partners in that, and how we can create perceptions and tools to overcome these challenges.

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All this require providing the opportunity to hear different points of view, which will make it easier to draw up plans and strategies for sustainable partnership, all this under institutionalize trait related to adult education.

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This workshop is part of the participatory and interactive activities carried out by the German Association for Adult Education, in order to sustain the cooperation and joint programs and projects.


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