Celebrating women’s achievements… Make it Happen!




15 March 2015

Muhay CDC volunteers with the cooperation of DVV International have perfectly prepared for a big ceremony celebrating the event of International woman's day and Mother's day, which took place in Muhay on March15, 2015.


With the presence of media and press, distinguished speakers have addressed the audience talking about paradigm shifts in women's empowerment and recognition, some have shared their success stories that showed the perfect portrait of a woman of significance all in which have called for greater awareness of women's involvement in their community roles. Moreover, as a symbolic recognition; all the women at the event have been honored and given promotional giveaways prepared by the volunteers of Muhay CDC.

DVV International always seeks the opportunities to reflect on the progress made by the volunteers of Muhay CDC. It was evident during the event that major capacities have been developed in organizing events and developing thorough, diverse and empowering content to reflect action, compassion and determination towards change and development.


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