‎AEforD project celebrates 3 years of achievement ‎




2 March 2015  ‎

Under the objective of bringing real and sustainable development through adult ‎education, DVV International celebrated along with the MoSD the achievements of three ‎community development centers during the last three years of successful partnership ‎between the two parties. The AEforD project will continue in building the capacities and in ‎contributing to the developmental interventions of the community development centers ‎of the MoSD in Jordan.‎


In his opening speech, Mr. Barakat Shunnaq, the representative of the Minister of Social ‎Development, has insisted on promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and achievement ‎in the community to reach prosperity. He also induces on the necessity of creating the ‎spirit of teamwork by finding an efficient team of volunteers and trainers capable of ‎perseverance and inspiring other members of their community towards real sustainable ‎development under the support of the community development centers serving in those ‎communities.‎
The event brought together the staff members and volunteers of the three partner ‎centers of AEforD in addition to two new potential partner centers for an increased ‎capacity during 2015. The CDCs displayed their products and achievements and shared their ‎success stories and discussions among the attendants. This allowed them to seize the ‎opportunity to showcase the real positive change they made in their lives and in the ‎community.‎

‎"Where to from here?" was the main drive of the event. All the participants of Muhay, ‎Jdetta and Manshiet Bani Hassan talked about their aspirations for the next phases and the ‎next steps for their projects and centers. ‎

During the next period, AEforD project will conclude field visits to plan along with the ‎centers the next steps. Moreover, DVV International will host a consultative meeting with ‎the working committee of the MoSD currently updating and revising the CDCs working ‎instructions. ‎
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