DVV International and local initiatives ‎


6 February 2015


DVV International met with youth initiatives in Jordan that aim to inspire change in local communities. The ‎meeting focused on the ideas behind each initiative and some of their success stories.


The initiatives that took part: Zikra Initiative, Under my Olive Tree, Bread for Education, Ta3leeleh, My ‎City and Me ‎‏"مدينتي وأنا"‏‎, Teach Me ‎‏"علمني"‏‎, Muhay Ahla ‎‏"محي أحلى"‏‎, Taghmees – Social Kitchen.‎


Mari Bashir, Project Manager, explains that the meeting aims to build bridges between inspiring initiatives ‎in Amman and volunteers from local communities in other areas.  


Alaa Abu Karaki, Projects Manager, added that DVV International is working with a number of ‎development centers in local communities in Jordan; to build model centers for adult education through ‎developing their own paths that contribute to improving the livelihoods of the local communities. ‎

Jawad Al Gousous, Jordan Office Country Director, stressed on the importance of continuing to develop ‎ideas from local communities, keeping in mind the international experiences in the context of positive ‎change.‎


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